Looking to advertise your property to corporate travelers?

If you are a property owner or investor and have a property available for rent, consider offering it as corporate housing and advertise it with us. Corporate housing is in demand throughout the world. We will put your property in front of thousands of potential tenants every day.

Simply visit CorporateHousingbyOwner.com (CHBO) to List a property and get all the tools you need to be a successful landlord. For benefits of listing, 

Call 877.333.2426 if you have questions about listing your property for rent.

The success of individual property owners is very important to us. To help ease your concerns and to demonstrate our belief in the effectiveness of our service, CHBO guarantees that you will rent your property within 30 days from the time you purchase your listing or CHBO will extend your annual listing an additional six months, without charge, from your current expiration date.